Third-Party Reviews & Inspections

Third-Party Reviews & Inspections


Third-Party Reviews

Third-Party Reviews generally consist of systematically reviewing plans and associated specifications.  The review may also include other mandatory regulations or internal clients own requirements.  Prior to the review, a set of criteria are outlined for acceptance or rejection of submittals.

At times, third-party reviews are required by contractual agreement.  These reviews give assurance of unbiased scrutiny of design documents.  Third-Party reviews are also another level of inspection preventing major installation snafus.

Inspections are intrinsic to third-party reviews as they become another unbiased as-built impartial assessment.

FER is familiar with all building and fire Codes. We have reviewed hundreds of plans and drawings. We have and maintain excellent relationships with Authorities Having Jurisdiction.  FER are experts in:

  • Maintaining professional conduct
  • Performing unbiased reviews of different type of projects
  • Performing unbiased inspections of different type of projects
  • Ability to review and suggest design improvements
  • Pinpointing changes needed from inspections
  • Making cost-effective reviews on critical systems of the project