Building Code Analysis

Building Code Analysis


eview of Codes and Regulations

A critical part of any design and construction project should be a review of the relevant Codes and Basis of Design documents.  Building and Fire Codes and other applicable Codes such as the Mechanical Code verify the appropriate Fire and Life Safety (FLS) requirements.  Generally, Authorities Having Jurisdiction require such critical statements be appended to design drawings.

At FER, we are well versed in most Codes and regulations used around the world.  We have has years of practical experience living and working in performance-based driven part of the world such as New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore.  Our experts are familiar with NFPA Standards as well as the International Codes.

Code Analysis

Often, there are a number of applicable Standards and Guides referenced as part of Building Regulations.  Many buildings can house hazardous materials with quantities large enough to require disclosure and mitigation plans.  Key advantages of a Code Analysis are as follows:

        • It costs a fraction of the total Project cost.
        • It provides Fire and Life Safety provisions.
        • It supplies the Authorities Having Jurisdiction with a clear understanding of the intent of the project.